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Kings Lynn Photography Group

Tel: 01553 760121



The Group teaches, guides and helps members to learn what the settings are on their cameras and how to use them properly.

So if you own a compact camera, a bridge camera or a DSLR camera (digital single-lens reflex camera) this group will be able to help you advance your photographic skill and much more including ... learning composition, perspective, lighting and so on in an easy and relaxed manner.

You will also learn how to take better photographs with lectures which are held using a PowerPoint Slide Show showing  images as examples followed by Practical Sessions on the following session ... after learning some of the subject techniques taught throughout the year we will hold competitions from time to time on those subjects.

We also hold social nights where we look at members images on a screen and discuss how to improve them if needed and also talk about our own images and why we take them the way we do.

Other subjects included are how to print and mount an image, practical’s sessions including studio lighting, close up and much more!

I also own a  Facebook Group Page called Kings Lynn Photography Group... if you are interested please feel free to join this friendly and helpful group ... There are members on this group who have joined "The Photography Group" in January 2013 ... Anyone can join who has an interest in photography or just wanting to learn anything to do with photography or share tips and advice along with images for other fellow members to view or comment on. - Join here