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One Day Workshops for Groups

My photography “lecture” and “hands on” workshops are suitable  for clubs/groups and their members who want to learn the basic techniques and knowledge of learning how to take a better photograph without the need to learn all the technical information about settings which can take time to learn in more advanced photography, most people just want to take a better photograph with their compact camera whiles they are on holiday or at a family event with the basic settings on their camera.

My one day workshops are 4 hours long with a PowerPoint Presentation in the morning with some of my images as examples and handouts on what I will be teaching, in the afternoon we will be doing some basic photography on what we have learned in the morning session.

The basic photography workshop involves learning how to look at the basics of … Composition ... Rules of Thirds ...Natural Lighting ... Perspective ... Aesthetics and much more ...

You will be totally surprised at the basic knowledge I will be teaching you and how much it can change your images for the better instantly.

My one day workshops start at 10am -2pm with a maximum of 15 pupils per session, the costs for this one day intense course is only £30.00 per person which includes the day course, handouts on what you will be learning, free tea,coffee and biscuits, all you need to bring is your camera, a pen and paper and a packed lunch.

I can hold the workshop at your group/club meeting venue or I can rent a room in Kings Lynn in Norfolk for the  extra fee of  hiring the room for you.

This is a very popular course - please arrange the members/people  for the workshop from your group/club - I  also travel  to your towns or  village in Norfolk if  you have enough pupils interested in running the day course.