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Kings Lynn Photography Group

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Working for Local Businesses, Organisations/Groups

Donations Raised in 2013 were donated to the charity "King's Lynn Foodbank"

Members of the Kings Lynn Photography Group raised £370.00 for the Foodbank charity in Kings Lynn.

Please see some of the images taken on the day when we donated the food to the Foodbank Charity See here

Members of the Kings Lynn Photography Group and myself decided that we would like to help raise money in 2013 for a Charity in the Kings Lynn area called "Kings Lynn Foodbank" by carrying out small photography projects for local people in business, organisations/groups or similar who needed photographs taken for their events, business ventures or similar which could cost alot of money when paying for a photographer.

We as a Photography Group loved the experience of taking photographs in this manner and helping local businesses, organisations/groups at the same time - also knowing that we as a Group were helping to raise money for a very good cause to help people in a crisis within the Kings Lynn area.

We offered to do small photography projects only as most members were working or busy people and had other commitments but who still wanted to help other people in our area and raise money for charity. In return all we asked for was a generous donation for our chosen 2013 Charity the "Kings Lynn Foodbank".