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Kings Lynn Photography Group

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I am a self taught photographer and have been doing photography for five years - I started my own business called Red Fish Collection in September 2012. I am also the Founder of the Kings Lynn Photography Group which is also part of my own business.

Through my seven years of doing photography I have been very fortunate to have gained many Accolades from 2007 up to and including October 2013.

I have been seen in the "Digital Camera" magazine many times and entered a Fujifilm On-Line Competition in February 2009 with 1,642 entries and I received 1st place which won me a lovely Fujifilm camera. I was also seen on Channel4's web page called "4Beauty" under the section called "Well Being" in July 2010.

In April 2010 I was elected the first female Chairperson for the Kings Lynn Camera Club which I was truly overwhelmed with, I decided in April 2011 to stand down as Chairperson so I could concentrate more on my own photography and move forward as a business in photography.

I also hold Talk/Lectures for Photography Groups and Clubs across Norfolk, Demonstrate Photography  through Workshops, Teach people on a One to One basis, Judge Photographic Competitions across Norfolk, Talks for U3A Clubs and WI and Administrate a Facebook Group page called "Kings Lynn Photography Group"

To read more about Tracey Robinson and her business please see her website www.redfish-collection.com

Founder of the Kings Lynn Photography Group

Tracey Robinson