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Members Comments about the Group

Paul Kendall -Since joining the group I have found it has given me reason to take alot more pics than I would have normally done so. By gaining ideas and inspiration from other group members I have also noticed my style of photography changed. On top of gaining the technical ability from Tracey and little comments that are shared amongst ourselves I think that something that was once a hobby that I got to do on rare occasions has now evolved into more of a passion on a regular basis.

Matt Robinson - I joined the group to share thoughts and ideas and also to gain inspiration which so far I have. The group is friendly and fun and also mixed well with beginners and more advanced photographers. Tracey's passion comes across every session in a professional and friendly manner.

Carl - Since the very first time I went to a meeting I have been hooked, Tracey is such a kind warm and great teacher.You never feel intimidated and I always look forward to the next meeting. I now don't see an object and think "That's nice" I see an object and think "How many different pictures can I take of it" So Thank you Tracey x

Danny James - Being a member of the Kings Lynn Photography Group is a true pleasure, both the social aspect and the learning side, the group meetings are good fun and very relaxed, I have learnt some great techniques and practices to apply to everyday photography.

Stephen Moore - I have recently joined the KLPG and in a very short time with the help of this group, I have learnt so much. I'm now thinking about my shots rather than just pointing and clicking. This is due to the help, support and advise from the group of which I feel a big part of. I am proud to be part of such a friendly, well respected group.

Arienne Jonas - I joined the Kings Lynn Photography Group to gain more confidence and knowledge on how to use my camera! Since joining I've found myself looking at things differently and taking time to get the right angle or best out of the image I want rather then just a point and click! The people are so friendly and very helpful which I love. Tracey gives you confidence to go out and try new things and even if it doesn't work for you it's not such a bad thing, it helps you grow.

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