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Kings Lynn Photography Group

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Members Comments about the Group

Paul Atthowe - Since joining the group, I don't just point and shoot like I used to - I now think about what I am taking and why I am doing it this way. The group as a whole has a creative mind and a positive outlook at all suggestions and subjects which results in a group that has various degrees of knowledge which new members can gain from.

Edna Rooke - I have been searching for a photography club like this for a long time. At long last, this is where I can really learn about developing my photography skills in a supportive environment.

Sarah McHale - The KLPG is a friendly group ran by Tracey, everyone is helpful and I have learnt a great deal about photography in the short time I have been attending.

Jo Tidman - I joined this club because I wanted to improve in taking photos and learn about the complexities of my camera. Every time the camera comes out you learn something new! Joining the group has helped us all learn from each other and "compare notes". Tracey is a good tutor and I'm grasping the theory behind F numbers, apertures etc. slowly! The group is very friendly and as time progresses we're making new friendships too.

Catherine Turner - I joined the group because I love photography, and wanted to meet like-minded people. The group members all have different abilities, styles and interests, and it is fun to learn from each other under the leadership and encouragement of Tracey. The programme is interesting and varied, and includes technical advice as well as plenty of practical sessions with our cameras.

Julian Featherby - I joined the King's Lynn Photography Group to learn new techniques and improve my photography and to take it to another level, if that is possible. The group is friendly and helpful and Tracey is kind and thoughtful.

Brian Adamson - I joined the group to get to grips with my DSLR camera to push it and myself to the limits that the camera will go and not to use it only in a preset mode, also to be able to work with other like minded people and to get out and have some fun at the same time.

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