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Models on Location Workshops and Diary Dates

All Model Location Workshops are intensive two hour courses set at different locations around Kings Lynn in Norfolk. The Workshops will be held where there are great textured walls, arches, open land or beaches depending on which Workshop you choose to attend.

These Workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to learn how to take a better portrait using a model and natural lighting on location or who just want to do something a little different within their photography hobby.

You will learn why certain Backgrounds in Portraits ... Posing a Model ... Angles and Natural Light work better to create a stronger portrait than others with the help from myself giving you guidance and the natural posing by the models.

All models are professional and very natural in front of the camera, they will pose in doorways, against walls, stairways and other textured backdrops, beaches or open land around the chosen area.

The model will be wearing at least two different sets of clothing throughout the Workshop so you can gain interesting and stylish images, she will also use props such as a guitar, hats, sunglasses, shoes along with other accessories.

All workshops are held on Saturdays or Sundays 10am - 12pm - if weather is poor the event will be cancelled until the following week. A maximum of  10  people for each workshop.

Workshops start Summer 2015 Please see Dates, Times and Prices of Model Workshops here

Terms and Conditions here in full for all Model on Location Workshops