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One to One

I teach "One to One" from my home in Kings Lynn, Norfolk or on location depending on what a persons individual needs are - You can learn how to use the settings on your camera properly to taking photographs of your own personal choice.

I like to teach, help and encourage people who feel they have these difficulties within their photography so they can enjoy taking photographs in a fun and relaxed manner.

 My "One to One” sessions from my home are great for individual needs, you can show a portfolio of  your images and we can discuss how you can improve them when taking similar photographs in the near future -  or you can learn how to use your camera straight away, the choice is yours.

I also offer a personal "One to One" tuition on location. I will teach and guide  you to look more closely at different angles, perspective, close ups and much more. This will give you a better understanding of how to compose a better photograph of  your chosen subject  … this could be textures, landscape, portraits, buildings or any other subject you chose to photograph.

(Prices for Location Tuition varies due to individual needs on place they would like to visit).

I believe that everyone has their own style in photography but some people do need a little help and assistants with their photography.

I like to encourage people to believe in their work and to enjoy taking photographs as this is the fun part of photography.

I charge £25.00 per hour for this service which also is available as a Gift Vouchers for £25.00 plus £3.50 p&p this includes your "One to One" tuition and comes complete with a beautiful blank greeting card with the voucher enclosed