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References for Talks and Club Group Workshops

If you would like to book Tracey as your Guest Speaker for your Club or would like a Photography Workshop for your Club please feel free to Contact me for any advice or Bookings.

 St Germans Womans Institute

Thank you so much for speaking to us at St. Germans WI. last Tuesday. All our members were very impressed with your work and felt that this was an excellent start to a new year. You spoke very clearly and confidently and delivery of the subject matter was not only very informative but also encouraging to those of us who attempt to use photography as a hobby.
Kind Regards,
Heather Davison
Vice-President, St. Germans W.I.

Market House Photography Group in Spalding

Thank you for your presentation on Creative Photography it was thoroughly enjoyed and gave inspiration to us all. Your passion for photography is reflected in your work, which is unique. We look forward to welcoming you back to Long Sutton later in the year. Angela Reeve - Market House Photography Group, Long Sutton.

Castle Rising Womens Fellowship Group

Dear Tracey

Thank you so much for a very interesting talk on your amazing hobby and business.You and a camera were meant for each other as the saying goes! One can always pick up hints on photography and you managed to put across quite a few in a subtle manner. ... Maybe we will ask you back for another talk one of these days in the meantime, Thank you for this one, we all enjoyed it. - Yours Sincerely Jacqueline Candy, Women's Fellowship Group.

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